Sketch - 02b
DSC_0358 Brick floor


A042 - Sk10 - Copy
Somerset linhay - part


Exploring this ancient material and its uses and methods, which remain totally relevant and very effective in todays world

A simple dwelling

All natural, only 6x4m, and with a material cost of only £14k

Natural progression

A new wing to a Georgian farmhouse, currently in studio development, utilizing hempcrete walls and other natural materials

From the past

A set of hand drawn survey and proposal drawings

New sustainable timber frame house

The design, methods, materials and systems explored in depth

Local timber cladding

A sustainable extension using local timber cladding and natural insulation

Natural brick floor

The elemental team get hands on, laying a locally produced hand made brick tile floor

CLS_EL_S_propo - part

Living traditions

Tobis work in Ladakh, reinvigorating traditional native building techniques


EMF polution, and how to remedy

Exploring ways of reducing EMF polution in the home, and how this was achieved in a recent project

Creative stair solution

An awkward, impractical stair over three levels is replaced by a beautiful, elegant swept stair

Postern stair

How to know your mediaeval home better - play hide and seek in it with your three year old.